1. Thanks Jim, KF6S , for absolutely Awesome
     work coding the bi-directional communication
     between the Nextion Display and the
     Raspberry pi board. Without his Amazing
     contribution, many of the current functions
     simply would not be possible.

     Jim is the primary code contributor on the
     "RX Offset" Page, a "Profiles" Page and a
     "Graphing" Page.

     Many thanks, Jim!

2.  Also, Thanks to Mitch, EA7KDO , for much of
     the prelimanary coding of the 2.4 inch Nextion

     Mitch created the new "Splash" Page during
     initial bootup of the Nextion Display.

     Current projects include continuing
     development of the Nextion Display
     and development of this Webpage.

     Many thanks, Mitch!

3.  More as we think of things to say!

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Mitch Savage EA7KDO

Jim Valle KF6S

Mitch, EA7KDO and Jim, KF6S combined their efforts to produce the absolute greatest screen code with features much more advanced than any other screen available. This is due to the fact that we can perform full two way communication between the Nextion Display and the Raspberry pi.

You can learn more about us on our qrz pages.

Mitch Savage EA7KDO Click HERE to link to Mitch at QRZ

Jim Valle KF6S Click Here to link to Jim at QRZ

More great Nextion pages are planned!
Let us know if you have new ideas.
We frequently post the latest updates.
Newest Code updates download and install with a simple button press on your Nextion Display!
Always try out the newest Nextion Image. You may discover a new favorite feature!
Again, thanks to all our very special Beta Testers. We value your input to keep the ideas flowing.

More About Mitch and Jim

Both Mitch and Jim have extensive backgrounds in Programming Languages, Software Development and Networking.

Our Great Beta Testers

KC8USA  Frederic Fritz
KB5XE     Owen Mitchell
K4WZV    Robert Bretzman
KA9HHH  Bob Schiff
W9QO      Mike Gee
N3MEL    Glenn Allison
WS5L       Don Griffin

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