How To Setup POCSAG Paging

POCSAG: These Instructions explain How to Setup POCSAG Paging on pistar and the Nextion Display.

Instructions: Use these command prompt commands carefully as they can introduce drastic changes to pistar.

There are many commands that can be given to pistar. The commands shown here are tested to work correctly. More commands will be placed on this page after they are tested to work correctly.
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***************** Setup POCSAG: *****************

Steps to setup POCSAG on Pi-star:

1. First like other digital services you need to register as a DAPNET User and you need to register your POCSAG transmitter (your hotspot). You can use the Nextion screen to send and receive pages or you can send pages from the command line. There is also a free POCSAG phone application you can download and install. And if you have a POCSAG compatible pocket pager, your Hotspot can send you pages via RF. To register follow the instructions on the following website:

This is what their Webpage looks like when initially Requesting an Account:
NOTICE: The Webpage below is more easily read with a zoom of 150% selected in the Browser.

2. After you Open a support ticket and request a new account with RIC (pager ID) use this link and enter a new ticket: , you will fill in the USER (your call) and the password you receive in the return email. If you will be sending pages internationally, for example to Spain you should enter your TXAREA as ALL. You can also enter US-ALL for just sending pages to users in the US. You will also receive a pager number called a RIC. We will use the RIC later or if you have a POCSAG compatible pager you will enter this RIC in your pager. Programmable Alphanumeric Pager Alpha Beeper POCSAG Pager Receiver GP2009N are available on Ebay.

3. The next step is to register your hotspot as a POCSAG transmitter. So you can go back to the DAPNET website and open another support ticket, select a help topic of: New DAPNET Transmitter.

When you get the return email it will have an DAPNET Authkey which you will enter in the POCSAG Configuration section as shown above.

4. The POCSAG Whitelist is a filter so you can filter out all of the messages not sent to your RIC. If you leave this blank you will see other DAPNET traffic such as time of day messages. For testing you can leave this blank and after everything is setup you can enter your RIC (not your call sign) as shown below. Then the only pages that will show on your Nextion Screen or the Pi-Star dashboard are pages sent to you. And if you have a pocket pager with your RIC programmed in the pager will also receive any pages directed to you. Please select the POCSAG server shown above. At least one of the servers listed is not on the Internet it is on the HAMNET network.

This is what their Webpage looks like when Requesting Transmit Registration:
NOTICE: The Webpage below is more easily read with a zoom of 150% selected in the Browser.

5. Once the setup is done you can send pager messages on the Nextion Screen if you have a screen that supports sending pages or you can do it from a command line using putty:
sudo pistar-dapnetapi KF6S 'How are you doing this great POCSAG day?'