Update Raspberry pi Locales

Update Locales: Follow these instructions to Update the Locales information in pistar.

Instructions: Follow the instructions to the right to update Locales information. Pistar defaults to the UK format. i.e. DD/MM/YYYY. The U.S format is MM/DD/YYYY. If you wish to change to the U.S format follow the instructions to the right.

If you have a Nextion Display, then on the idle MMDVM page, the date field in the top line is Locales sending the date and time to the display.
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Welcome to the Setup Locales Page

************* CHANGING THE DATE FORMAT: *************

// Pistar defaults to the UK date and time format:
// DD/MM/YYYY (Day, Month, Year)
// MM/DD/YYYY (Month, Day, Year) is the USA format
// There may be times when you want to change the way
// a date is displayed, for example, if you're using a
// Nextion screen. This can't be done via Pi-Star
// Configuration; instead, you must configure the system
// Locales setting from the Linux prompt in pistar.

Log into Pi-Star via SSH.

// Note: I tested this a lot of times in various ways.
// If I used Pi-Star's built-in SSH Access client, it
// all worked fine. If I used an external SSH client,
// after rebooting, when I returned to the Pi-Star
// dashboard in my browser, MMDVMHost would stop running,
// and I needed to power off the hotspot and then restart
// to get things working properly, including the new locale.

//Enable read-write mode:


// Open the locales configuration utility:
// It usually takes a moment to open.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

// When the Configuring locales window opens, an introductory
// message is displayed. Use the arrow keys to navigate down
// to the locale that is selected. It will be one of the
// en_GB locales selected. There will be an asterisk in the
// brackets. Press the space bar to un-select en_GB.
// After un_selecting en_GB, use the arrow keyes to scroll
// down to en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 and press the space bar to select.
// After selecting en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8, then press the Tab key to
// highlight and press Enter. The window will flash and you
// will see a new window with a highlight. Now be sure
// en_US.UTF-8 is highlighted and press Tab which will highlight
// OK. Now press Enter. You will be dropped back to the Linux
// Prompt. You will see a message "Generating locales (this might
// take a while)". Wait for the locales to be generated.
// Next, you will see "en_US.UTF-8... done".
// Generation complete

// Now, reboot pistar and the new locale will take effect.

sudo reboot