04/17/2019 We continue working on the code for the Nextion Display. We are working diligently on the 2.4 inch Display Model Number NX3224K024_011. There are more to come.

04/17/2019 The newest Nextion Code has been released to our Beta Testers to continue providing feedback to the design team.

04/17/2019 The latest Nextion Screen code includes the "RX Offset" Page, a new "Splash" Page at bootup, a "Profiles" Page and a "Graphing" Page.

04/17/2019 We will also provide in this Webpage the steps for setting up the Raspberry pi for the best performance as a Ham Radio Hotspot, as well as how to best set up the Raspberry pi to support the Nextion Display.

04/18/2019 This Webpage is one day old and is under development. Features will be implemented as time permits.
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Welcome to our website

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Mitch, EA7KDO and Jim, KF6S have put a lot of time, knowledge and effort into the Nextion Display project. The project has evolved tremendously since inception on March 1st, 2019.

We certainly hope our Ham Radio friends enjoy these Nextion Displays and images as much as do we. This Website will try to explain as much as possible about the various Nextion Displays, how to install them on a Raspberry pi and operating them for the most enjoyment.

Nextion Displays Forever!
We continue coding until we can think of no more.
Raspberry pi makes a great hotspot platform.
Much more to come!!!
Try out the newest Nextion Image.
Special thanks to all our Beta Testers.

More About us

The design team has been hard at work developing code to enhance the Nextion Display. We have received many great suggestions from our Beta Testers. Many of your suggestions have been incorporated into the current Nextion code. Many thanks to our great Beta Testers.

Our Great Beta Testers

KC8USA  Frederic Fritz
KB5XE     Owen Mitchell
K4WZV    Robert Bretzman
KA9HHH  Bob Schiff
W9QO      Mike Gee
N3MEL    Glenn Allison
WS5L       Don Griffin
KB7BYI    David Poulson

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